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Updated Tide chart 2032 – West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca

Southwest BC including the West Coat Trail, has thousands of miles of coastline and several beautiful coastal trails, but not all trails are passable at all times.

Tides can be tricky because of the shape of the island.

Before we get to far into tide charts, a quick understanding of some of the terms might help when reading a tide chart.


Reference ports or current stations – The locations where the predictions are made
Height of tide– It is the distance( vertical) between the surface of the ocean and the chart Datum(the lowest astronomical tide)( average low tide)
Ebb– the movement ( horizontal flow) of water when the tide is falling
Flood– the movement ( horizontal flow) of water when the tide is rising
Slack or Turn– The period of time when the tide switches directions and does not seem to be rising or falling.

**** Important***
In 2022, Southwestern BC(including the west coast trail and juan de fuca trail) will have two time changes a year. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) is observed from mid-March through early November as Pacific Standard Time (PST). For tide tables that are printed in PST (such as those given out in the West Coast Trail orientation), you must add an hour to the times listed. During orientation, Parks Canada will remind you to add one hour and will write “Add 1 hr” right on your table.

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How do I read a tide chart?

Where can I get tide chart information when doing the west coast trail?

Download your tide chart

Source of information


Tide chart


Code: 08615

Province: British Columbia

Location: 49.154, -125.913

Type: Permanent

Operational: True

Owner: Canadian Hydrographic Service 

Tofino Tide Chart ( Jan-Feb-Mar)
Tofino Tide Chart (Apr-May-Jun)
Tofino Tide Chart (July - Aug - Sept)
Tofino Tide Chart (Oct-Nov-Dec)

Port Renfrew

Tide chart


Code: 08525

Province: British Columbia

Location: 48.555, -124.421

Type: Permanent

Operational: True

Owner: Canadian Hydrographic Service

Port Renfrew Tide Chart (Jan-Feb-Mar)
Port Renfrew Chart (Apr-May-Jun)
Port Renfrew Tide Chart (Jul-Aug-Sept)
Port Renfrew Tide Chart (Oct-Nov-Dec)

When it comes to tides and using tide table for planning my hike, does it make much difference if you enter Port Renfrew or Bamfield for the West coast trail?

When doing the West Coast Trail, you have a few options on which location you could use for planning your trip.
Historically Tofino was used because it was the closest and most reliable( when the trail was in first operation), though now a days you might be better off using the Bamfield location ( which is in between Tofino and Port Renfrew.)
Small adjustments will have to be made to the times because the trail is really long.

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