Your Privacy Matters


Your information is collected  under the authority of the Freedom  of Information and  Protection of Privacy  Act. It is required to process your  booking request and  will be used to contact you regarding services, and other programs offered. Financial information will be used to process payment. Alternative contact information will only be used in an emergency.

If you prefer not to receive any additional promotional material, please call or email.

Here is a sample of the Rental contract for you to review before renting. 
You can download a Pdf copy here


  1. Rental DEPOSIT

Will be taken for ½ the rental contract and returned after the equipment has been inspected and cleaned. We have the option to hold the deposit for 48 hrs after the gear has been returned. We can use the deposite towards any repairs, cleaning or lost/stolen equipment.


A refund  (less a 30.00 and assemblage fee)  will  be given  if the booking is  cancelled 48 hrs to the pickup  date.   


Valid photo identification  (Drivers license,  passport,  UCID,  Government issued  ID) is  required. No other identification   will  be accepted.   The Rental  Contract   must be made in  the name of the person  taking out the equipment. We will take a photocopy or picture.

  1. PICKING UP THE GEAR by signing   this contract  you confirm  that:

You have checked the equipment  on this  workorder  to ensure  it  is in good working  condition. The gear you  are accepting is  suitable  for the  intended  activity and location.

You have checked the proper fit  and accept the sizing of all rental gear.

You have checked the quantity and description  of the items in the contract. You understand how the gear works (ask our staff if you have any questions).

You are adequately equipped to handle  any field repairs of this equipment that may be necessary  due to normal use and wear (ask our

staff  if you  are  unsure).

  1. INSURANCE West Coast Gear or johann boraks does not have insurance on these items

You assume full  responsibility for the equipment. We recommend  that you  extend your home insurance to cover these items while you are responsible  for them.


Late returns: Equipment  is  due back by the  return date and time on this  contract. Late returns are subject to a one-day rental  charge each day or portion   of a day that gear is  returned after the return date and time stated on this contract. Please   phone  as soon as you know that gear will be late.  This will   minimize  inconvenience  for others  and additional  late  charges for you.

Early returns: if you return equipment more than one full  day before the return date  and time  on the contract,   you may be eligible  for  a credit toward future  rentals. You are responsible for requesting the credit   at the time  of return.

Cleaning  Charges: A cleaning  charge (a minimum of $10 per item)  may be applied.  Staff will  assess gear upon return.

  • Damaged/Lost Equipment:  You are responsible for the full cost of replacing  or  repairing equipment  that is lost,  stolen, or damaged, or one time use items, while in your  possession. Please take good care of this  gear and let us know if something is no longer functioning properly.



initial                You  agree to relieve Johann Boraks or westcoastgear for  all liability   or loss,  damage or injury  associated with the  use  of the rental equipment   listed here,  from any cause whatsoever,   including    negligence.   The risk of personal injury or death is inherent to some degree in all outdoor activities.  Please ensure that you understand the risks involved  with  the equipment  you are renting.

By signing   this contract you agree to accept full responsibility for these risks.

                                                                           I  HAVE READ THE TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT AND AGREE to BE BOUND BY THEM.