Packing list

Gear and packing list for the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca

Some gear examples

See whats in other peoples packs

Emily’s PAck

Emily Sayward hiked the West Coast Trail with her brother and family friend. Her written account can be read here along with great pictures along the trail here.

My favorite part of her writing was this advice:


  • You do not have sufficient and quality gear
  • You are scared of heights, ladders, crossing extremely slippery surfaces (like crawling across logs over river crossings with your pack on, walking on rotten boardwalk, jumping across surge channels, etc.)
  • You are not physically fit enough to carry over 40 pounds for over a week through rugged terrain

Do this trail if:

  • You love being outside

  • You have a great group of friends or family who you trust with their skills and abilities

  • You have hiked in a variety of locations and weather conditions with a weighted pack

  • You are psychologically prepared for any and all weather conditions that the WCT will throw at you

  • You are ready for an incredible adventure!


Stephan’s PAck

Stephan is and outdoor enthusiast that will be doing the West Coast Trail on June 20th going in the south direction.  
His pack weight is 25.5 lbs without food or water, and should be about 30lbs total. 

Sample Packing List

This is a List made by Justin Outdoors

You can check out his video below where he goes through the gear and why he selected it.

This list was made using a program called where you can input your gear, organize it and figure out the wieghts.
This program is free to use and is great to share with your friends. See Justin’s full list here

This Packing Checklist is taken from the Government of Canada website

For more information  you can visit the page directly here

Packing for the west coast Trail

This is one of Justin’s many videos talking about what one can pack for the West Coast Trail. Check out his channel here

Ultra light

This pack is from Cotezi Hikes while doing a Pacific Crest Trail thruhike. I really love how minimal she packs. Check out her channel  here

Ultimate Women’s Packing List for the West Coast Trail


This is a List made by Kathleen Williams.
This was from a blog she wrote a couple years back, but has a really simple uncomplicated packing list. You can read the original blog post here

This West Coast Vancouver woman hiked the trail with her friend in June.

Download a Pdf based on her list  Here

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