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Mystic Beach Trail video

See the trail condition, washrooms, camp spots, and waterfalls

Video description

Welcome to the mystic beach hike.

My name is johann and I run a camping gear rental company on the west coast of Canada called westcoastgear.ca, but im not here to rent you any gear, but to get you out on the trail hiking.
This video will cover:



  1. Bathrooms
  2. Thrail conditions
  3. Steps and boardwalks and bridges
  4. The slippery section and muddy sections
  5. Secret shortcut to highway
  6. Left over logging equipment or old part of bridge?
  7. The New board walk
  8. The waterfall and beach
  9. Getting to the trail from the parking lot



If this is your first video you have watched from us, that’s great because, it’s has a bit more general information on this section of the trail and is not like our other shorter more concise guides and videos. Those are for people who are doing more overnight trips. After this video is over, maybe check out our video on camping at mystic, or download resources form the website. ( below and everywhere)


Ok, lets jump in with what you will see when you pull into the parking lot. There are two parking lots at the china beach, and you want the upper one. More info and location on the website.


Here is the trail info board, and the place to pay, if your camping overnight. Day use is free.


This is the start of the trail, though if your not the first to the trail, you can sneak down this side path so you don’t have to walk around. Walk towards the toilets and make a pit stop here if needed. The next ones are at the mystic beach camp site at the end of this section of trail.


This trail is one of the easer part of the juan de fuca to do without a pack and has boardwalks, steps, with lots of mud and roots. Have some sturdy foot where.


As you can see, this trail allows you to work on your balance with slippery logs to navigate the mud patches



Along the path you will cross one bridge.

This path really changes during the season and after each rain, with even this river filling way up.


I would say this has been a bit of a dryer year, and this is summer. We get a majority of our rain in the winter


Part way down the trail, you will see this post. It has been known for people to take this short cut to the highway. This is looking back from where we came, so make sure to keep right of the post.


Originally I thought this was left over from logging from something know at the time as a steam donkey. Now looking at this again, it could have just been part of the old bridge.  If your board and like crazy contraptions  maybe look up steam donkey.


You can access the juan defuca from many places along the trail, which is unlike the better known west coast trail.  This path for beach access is a great taste of what to expect ( though much easer) for the majority of the trail. Its nice, because it s just hard enough that lazy people who want to drive to a spot and walk 10 min, do so at other points.
I have done this trail with kids, slowly, and with a bit of help along the way.  

Pack a snack and some water and hang out for a chunk of the day.

Remember many people do this hike with food and sleeping supplies every day. If your interested in seeing what to expect when you arrive to mystic beach and the camping option and additional info, check out a video


At West coast gear, want to get people out on the trails. If your missing some gear and cant afford to buy or rent reach out . Have question or want to get involved? Send me a note.

Poop guide

What to do when nature calls. We have you covered with what to expect and what to do ( includes pictures you might not want to see)


Made by people who have hiked the trail. Latest info and suggestions for you to from the pros and fist time hikers on tips and what to expect

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The start of the Juan de Fuca is located about 70 km west of Victoria city and about  30 min or 33 km past Sooke. It ends in Port Renfrew area at Parkinson Trail head about 110km from Victoria.

One can get to the trail by Car (directions) or by bus. 



Trail Access 

To get to mystic beach, one enters the China beach park entrance located at the China beach trail head. Here is a google map link to the location (link). The picture above is the sign to the entrance, not to be confused with the China beach camping entrance. 


Make sure when to park in the upper parking lot to access the hike to mystic beach google map (link). As always dont leave any valuables in your car and make sure to pay for your back country camp pass. (link will be update when guide is ready here)



Conveniently located steps form the parking lot, two pit toilets are located just past the information board at the beginning part of the hike down to mystic beach. For more photos of this are scroll down including where to pay for camping if you forgot to. Follow this link on how to do it online

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10 + 2 =

Camp spot 1

Size:  1.5 x tents (2 person) site can hold

Level ground:  9/10

View:   9 /10

Sheltered:   6/10

Distance to Bear box:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to outhouse:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to water:   short / med / far /NA

*All subjective and approximate. Use as a guide only

Top overall site rating is scored out of 5

Camp spot 2

Size:  3-4 x tents (2 person) site can hold

Level ground: 8 /10

View:    8/10

Sheltered:   8/10

Distance to Bear box:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to outhouse:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to water:   short / med / far /NA

*All subjective and approximate. Use as a guide only

Top overall site rating is scored out of 5

Camp spot 3

Size:   1 x tent (2 person) site can hold

Level ground:  6/10

View:    7/10

Sheltered:  2/10

Distance to Bear box:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to outhouse:  short / med / far /NA

Distance to water:   short / med / far /NA

*All subjective and approximate. Use as a guide only

Top overall site rating is scored out of 5

Video will cover 

Mystic beach camping spots 

  • A quick overview of the area
  • Camp spot 1
  • Camp spot 2
  • Camp spot 3
  • Where to find some bonus info on camping spots
  • Bathrooms
  • Bear box or food box
  • Water source
  • Stuff to see while you’re here
  • ……And the bear
Film description and notes

Hi friends Hohann here, today we are going to do a  look at some of the campsites at mystic beach.
In this video we will cover

  1. Camping spots ( just a few, with a new one, just built, and the location of a extra spot if your in a pinch)
  2. Food box, or bear box ( its location approximately and how to open it)
  3. Toilets ( you will get a sneak peak inside )
  4. Some of the thing unique to this camp location.
  5. And….. To wrap it up an elusive brown haired animal, I just happened to see when doing an over nighter


If you want to skip to the end and see this animal, or are interested in just  a section of the video, hold up for a second, because shorty I will show you approximately where in the video to skip forward to. So you can Spend less time watching YouTube videos, and get outside!


Ok to start with this video is not going to cover, are trail conditions, packing tips, interviews, tips and tricks and plant and animal guides. Those will be on the channel, and if not quite yet, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss them. I create guides based on demand, and what I have fun doing, so vote or suggest videos below if you like or just reach out.


Ok here are the locations you can click to. There is some over lap and I try and do things in order, but here we go;

A quick overview of the area

Camp spot 1

Camp spot 2

Camp spot 3

Where to find some bonus info on camping spots


Bear box or food box

Water source

Stuff to see while you’re here
And the bear


What you didn’t skip through? Awesome.  To the intro.
as you probably remember from the beginning of the video, im johann, and if this is your first video, jump into the channel for a bit more info about me and what im all about but the coles notes are that I have an outdoor camping gear rental company, and I do these thing s on the side to share my passion and get more people loving the Canadian outdoors. Your hear watching because we agree that being repaired for the outdoors cam make your adventure more comfortable, safer and make you look like a rock star out on the trail.
Having said that, if you need a bit of extra gear or know someone who does, now you know a guy… ( me)  and ill make sure to take care of them.
Ok bear beach. You all know where this is but, for you of those that just woke up from a  non scheduled nap and left youtube playing, bear beach is located on the JuanDeFuca trail, on the west coast of Vancouver island, not to be confused with Vancouver.  This camp spot is closer to the south end of the trail and one of my favorite.

Mystic beach has more of a camp area then designated sites and there are some informal camping sites that people have built up over the years, and yes they do change over time.


As you pop out of the trail on to mystic beach, around the 1/2 way point along the beach, is the bear box, or food box. Its big and grey, and you will see these at least one at each major camp spot. 
You lock and unlock with these carabiners( hopefully two of them(  or sometimes ma makeshift lock is needed, but the rangers and park wardens do a great job!)

One of the biggest camp spots that can accommodate a couple of tents is just south of the bear box.
I love this site because it is really sheltered from the wind, though when raining as it does frequently in the winter months, this is one of the muddier location, with a possible stream down the middle of it.

This second site has a great view from your tent, but is exposed. Best of a 1 larger tent or two tiny tents. Make sure not to build a fire close to the tent here especially if you rent one from me, because wind can blow smoke and embers in this potentially windier spot. 


Further up the beach is a small stream. Some people drink from it( id purify it if you want to try), but a nice place for some sweet water to wash up without getting hammered by waves.


For those that are arriving late possibly in the dark, the north entrance to the beach has just enough of a space for an emergency  tent placement. Just beside the trail sign, you will have fellow backpackers walk by your tent, hopefully not out of breath and sounding like a bear.


Ok poop house. This is what the sign looks like along the beach, but make sure your ready for a bit of a climb.
these were just added at the time of making this video and were less then a year old.

Here’s a tip If you’re a night bathroom person and have to be a couple steps away, then part way up, there is some level ground that was used to store materials, but you might be able to set up a tent.


Ok and the big reveal…. See… these rangers and park wardens do a great job maintaining. A quick shout out and thank you to Velvet one of the park employees that seems to hike this trail almost every day. And a supper star who suggested that I pay online ( when I didn’t know you needed a permit for an overnighter, even in the dead of a wet winter camping adventure but I digress. Really pay online its easy


So, A bunch more spots. Im building guides just for the Juan de Fuca and Mystic Beach that you can find at westcoastgea.ca,

Here a couple addition spots, with personal ratings, including size, distance to toilets, bear box, and some particulars that are not in the video.  

But here these resources will help you plan your adventures, along with other trails here on the west coast of Canada.

This great Canadian trail would not be complete without waterfalls and your own meditation space..… or if you bring some scented candles, your own masseuse, like really cold water and don’t mind that the music track is set on repeat to ocean waves….. a spa

But be careful you might be visited by a bear, wait, is that a beaver…. Nope…  wrong type of tail…. muskrat or  otter, weasel? To find out make sure you down load our animal and plant guides before you head out and do a quick study, so you don’t make a fool of yourself like I just did.


Now if you want a quick peak of the trail to mystic beach from the china beach parking lot find that video on the channel with others. For more guides and info you can check out the website along for a place to send us an email. I love for you to share your stories and pictures and are always looking for passionate people to collaborate with . Want to try out some gear for me or have a product that you love. Send me a note even with hey” keep up the good work”. And you know how to use the comments  

Now turn off you tube and get outside! Unless your going to watch that other video I mentioned.


See you on the trails


Bathroom at Mystic Beach


These are the steps that to the bathroom when looking from the beach to the shore.

If you arrived from the China beach parking lot and just stepped out into the beach, they are to your left, heading towards the campsites and rest of the trail.

They have recently been updated.


More info in the:

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This is the Bear box at

Mystic beach


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