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Maps for the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca


West Coat Trail Map

We have made some custom maps that can help you plan your trip. 

Check the link below for the page dedicated to maps, resources and tide charts


Juan de Fuca trail map

This map will help you navigate locals favorite trail, Juan de Fuca. Known to locals as the little sister of the West Coast trail, it has similar typography and views

The link below has more then just maps.

plan your adventure.

Simple and clear Hiking maps…

Maps made so you have room to write and customize for your trip

West Coast Trail

Juan de Fuca


Custom packing list

Be adventure ready with a custom packing list of items you dont want to forget

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Next time i will just get the right gear!”


We solve this problem.

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Up to date and carefully selected gear

Guides and resources to make your trip a success


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