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Kick off the new camping season

Help test our new rental system and gear.

We are offering you free rentals in return for a bit of information ( a survey) on what you like, who you are and how you  will be using our gear and photos of your fun times while camping.

We will be releasing 2 or more rentals a month that you can borrow from us for free at any time (conditions apply).

Scroll down, do the survey, get the promo code and then book your date(s)


Here is a summery of the conditions
We will use the information you provide to help us understand our community and friends better and help form our marketing and business directions.

Each free rental and renter must complete the survey fully and must comply with the rental terms in the rental contract. ( link here to rental contract)

Each promo code and discount item is for 1 free day rental.

The promo code will allow you to book for multiple days(seemingly free), but additional days will be charged at time of pickup.
All rentals require a deposit due at checkout.

You must legally be an adult.

1x24hr rental per person per survey. Though you can combine free rentals of different types for the same date, but new surveys must be completed for every item and booked within the times and dates that the promotion runs for that product.

No item can be rented more then one day for free.

If you complete the survey, you are the one who can rent the equipment.(You cant fill it out for friends or family, but do share the link)
If at any time we suspect that this promotion/ offer is not following the spirit or intention, we can cancel or revoke the use of equipment.

If circumstances or things out of our control happen, we can deffer or revoke the rental.
This promotion has no value or worth any money that can be applied, shared ore redeemed for money. 
Deposits are required for each rental and is subject to damage, late or cleaning fees as laid out in the rental contract.

You Acknowledge that we may make mistakes form time to time, but will do our best(and will not be liable)!
We might send you another form. if we do, this also needs to be filled out in order to qualify for the possibility to get a free rental.

Filling out this survey does not guarantee a free rental and is subject to limits set on the website page where you found this survey.

You will get the discount code at the end of survey ( completion page). We will not email it to you.

Make sure to sign up to get new a note from us with new gear and promotions.

Dont miss out on stuff ( we will email you reminders and offers)


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These are some of the items we are renting out for free.

Each week new items!
Scroll down to see the descriptions of the items and the limited number of each we are giving away and do that survey.

The list of each item and dates they are avalible:

March 9th- 15th 2 Person tent

March 16 – 22 Sleeping pad

March31st-April5th MSR ELIXIR 1-PERSON TENT

April 6th-12th Cooking utensils

April 13-19th Bear Spray

April 26th-30th  Tent, sleeping bag, Pad Combo linking tents

2 person tent

2 Person Tent

March 9th- 15th

Limit first 5 people

Fits two people or for people who need a bit of extra space.

[booqable_detail id="2-person-tent"]

Sleeping pads

Sleeping pad

March 16th – 22nd

Limit to the first 10 people

This sleeping pad is fast to inflate and surprisingly comfortable. Its is the best ratio for weight to comfort that we have found.

[booqable_card id="sleeping-pad-28501719-6db4-4c1a-be6d-634599cef8c9"]

2 Person cooking set

2 person cooking set

March 23- 30

Limited to the first 5

This is a great little camp cooking package, and is the only one with a stove attachment for your fuel canister included. Great on days when its too wet to make a fire, or for those early mornings when you need hot liquid fast.

1 pot
2 spoons/ fork combo
2 cups
2 bowls
1 lid
1 screw on stove
******* fuel is not included******

[booqable_card id="2-person-camping-cook-stove-set"]

MSR 1 person tent

MSR 1 person Tent

March 31st- April 5th

First 3 people

Solo tents are a perfect way to experience the serenity of the outdoors. Hike at your own pace or tuck away in between places where bigger tents won’t fit.
All our tents have vestibules that allow you to store a bit of gear outside your ten, though covered from the elements.

[booqable_card id="solo-tent"]

Cooking stuffs

Cooking Utensils

April 13th- 19th

Limit 15

Things that will help you cook. This assortment includes what you see, plus more for you to choose from. Take one or all on your trip for one price

[booqable_card id="cooking-utensils"]

Bear spray

Bear spray

April 13th- 19th

Limit 10

Bear spray is one way you can help protect yourself and feel more secure on the trail. Bears can be attracted by food which is why we suggest hanging food in trees or using bear boxes when possible. Bears are relatively rare and most bears are scared of people. That said it is possible to see them on West Coast Trails.

Bear spray is a bear deterrent, and just one way to help you explore the west coast of Canada more safely.

[booqable_card id="bear-spray"]

Sleeping bag tent pad combo

Tent, sleeping bag, combo

April 26th-30th

Limit to 5

These solo tents can be linked to make larger tents. Each have a Zipped in sleeping mat and bag. This is great for trips where sometimes you want to be with people and sometimes by yourself. Also great for multi day camping trips, where site sizing changes day to day.

[booqable_card id="rhinowolf"]

What will we have next?

 Free Trail Gear Rental

More to come soon

We sponsor hikers with free gear in return for helping us market and spread the word.

Contact us if you would like to get involved

Dont miss out on stuff ( we will email you reminders and offers)


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