The West Coast Trail is Open

Here are a few tips on getting the most from your trip. (Download map here)

While your getting ready with the gear and food, make sure you have a map printed out for your journey

Tip #1 – Make Your map waterproof

A paper map is good if you need backup toilet paper or fire starter…. Though the trail is marked, it’s great to know where you’re going. Some people laminate the map because it rains a lot on the west coast of Canada. Another easy solution is to place the map in a large ziplock bag. This allows you to write on it with any pen or pencil if needed.

Tip #2- Make Two copies

You might only have one bag, but your constantly packing and unpacking. You are already going through the effort of printing out or purchasing so spend just a couple more minutes and have a backup. 

Try and keep it packed for easy access at the top of your bag!

Tip#3 – Tide table

Feeling good and all set with your map but have you thought about how tides could affect your journey? Tidal changes might mean you have to wait for the tide to retreat in order to pass some sections of the trail. 

You can find tide tables at a couple locations on the trail, but why not print your own copy to be safe. Here is the link.


While you’re playing with your computer, dreaming of sunsets and campfires, wondering if you would be more comfortable in some of our rental gear, make sure you check out the official guides for bears and cougars (here)

Oh did you know you can rent bear spray from us?

Hiking the west coast of canada

A jump off point for some info for hiking the west coast of canada

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