Adventure ready!

Renting technical outdoor gear for the west coast of Canada

Let your adventure be focused on connecting with nature, not worrying that you have the right gear!

 We understand

Have you ever been frustrated by:

Tents that are no good in the rain

 Blisters and bruises from badly fit gear

 A very heavy pack

Cleaning, drying  and storing after you get home

 Old camping gear that should be retired

 Borrowed equipment that just doesn’t work


Connect with nature in comfort

We help get the gear that will allow you to be ready for your adventure.

From car camping with the kids, to epic multi day hikes, we have the camping gear that will allow you to connect with the people and places, creating lasting memories

So your planning your adventure.

Your excited, but a little apprehensive…

Will I be dry, warm, comfortable and have a good sleep?
How heavy will my pack be?
Will I be able to start a fire with wet wood?
How long will I have to listen  to Mark mansplain about his latest Mindcraft build?

Though we can’t control Marks topic of conversation, we can help you prepare for your adventure! ( sorry Mark)

Missing an item or two? We have you covered.

Time to upgrade but want to test before buying? Smart!

Introducing the outdoors to someone and they don’t have any gear? Quality gear that will help share your passions of the outdoors.

Bugs, bruises, blisters, wet, pokey, scratchy, heavy, hungry, cold

=  Vacation fail


Custom packing list

Be adventure ready with a custom packing list of items you dont want to forget

We know what it’s like

“If my ______ wasn’t so _____, it would make this so much easier…..

Next time i will just get the right gear!”


We solve this problem.

No large investment of buying.

No need to clean or store the gear for the occasional trip

Up to date and carefully selected gear

Guides and resources to make your trip a success


Step one

Fill out our survey and get sent a custom packing list.

Check off what you need.


Step two

Choose your dates and camping gear.

Proceed to checkout.


Step three

We will send you an email with a confirmation and pick up details.

Adventure ready!

Have a question ?

Chat With An Expert

Putting in a big order? Questions on trail gear or trail conditions? Let us get you the answers and advice that only locals have.

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Thank you! Our trip was so much better thanks to the camping cook set we ordered before it. My wife and kids loved it!.”

We ordered a tent package. All the items were of the highest quality, clean, and functioned without a problem.”

The service was quick & staff very polite & helpful. Equipment was great.I would highly recommend the company

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