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We provide quality camping gear for rent at affordable prices so that your wilderness vacation is safe, pleasurable and easy.

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Camping gear that has been tested for the West Coast Trail. We sell off gear regularly so you rent only the best gear!

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Maps, gear, and trail conditions, that will help you prepare for a comfortable adventure on the west coast of Canada. 

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The West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Resources

OPEN: May 1 to September 30.

The West Coast Trail is a 75-kilometer trail on Vancouver Island. Trail difficulty ranges from steep terrains, traverses, bogs, forests, and beaches. To preserve the pristine wilderness, the park limits the number of visitors. The West Coast Trail popularity requires a reservation, beware, spaces fill quickly

Juan de Fuca Trail

Juan de Fuca Trail Resources

OPEN: Whole Year

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is designed for strenuous day or multi-day hiking/camping and has 47 kilometers of wilderness stretching along with the very most western point of Canada. You can access the trail from four official trailheads (Sombrio, China beach, Parkinson and Botanical beach) and two secret spots.

 Everything In Once PlacE

The One Stop Camping Gear Rental shop

Let us get you geared up and ready for your adventure. Don’t buy gear that you will rarely use and sits in your closet, taking up space. Join the sharing economy, and rent only when you need camping gear saving you time and the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. 

Covid 19 safety


No contact pick up drop off location

48- 92 hrs spacing between rentals of equipment

Improved gear  handeling protocals

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The service was quick & staff very polite & helpful. Equipment was great.I would highly recommend the company


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